Scissor Lift Training

Scissor lift training are small, portable aerial work platforms used by workers to transport people and goods. Frequently used by warehouses to move pallets, boxes and roll cages, these units are also found at construction sites, airports, utilities, and in landscaping applications. Workers in these fields need to have scissor lift training to know how to operate this type of equipment safely.

Like all aerial work platforms, scissor lifts are required to have guardrails to prevent falls off of the platform. Workers should be trained to always stand on the platform and never lean over the guardrail to prevent injury from falling off. Additionally, they should be trained to check for and avoid electrical power sources such as transformers and overhead power lines while on the elevated platform.

Aerial Adventures: Training for Safe Aerial Lift Operations

Once a worker has completed scissor lift training, they can use their operator’s certificate to be approved to operate the lift by an employer. However, if they change employers or are assigned to drive a different type of aerial work platform (such as a boom lift used to hoist signs or a bucket truck used for tree trimming) they will need to be trained again.

The best way to ensure your workers are qualified to operate a scissor lift is to provide them with comprehensive training from a reputable source. CMO offers convenient and affordable scissor lift training for one low price, which includes everything an operator needs to be OSHA-compliant (including a trainer kit). This course isn’t equipment specific and can be taken anywhere online with an internet connection, making it the perfect choice for your workers who need a quick, convenient, and affordable solution.