Plate Loaded Machines

Plate loaded machines are used in a wide variety of strength-based exercises and are very popular with gym facilities, light commercial non-membership style gyms as well as PT Studios. They are very similar to stack machines in that they use bumper plates on loadable weight poles to create resistance for exercise – however, they have far more flexibility when it comes to the amount of weight that can be lifted as compared to a selectorised machine which requires users to dismount and change their load using a pin.

Plate Loaded Machines: A Comprehensive Guide

When selecting your commercial gym equipment, plate-loaded machines are a cost-effective choice compared to other strength equipment. The squat racks that these machines support can be used with other fitness equipment in your facility, such as curl bars and Olympic barbells for squatting or deadlifting, to give you a complete range of strength-based exercises that you need to build muscle and endurance. Moreover, the plates that come with these machines can be recycled and reused with other weight-based workout equipment present at your facility such as placing them on a curl bar or on your Olympic barbell to do front and lateral raises.

Unlike other weight machines, the supportive framework of plate-loaded machines allows you to train without a spotter which decreases the risk of injury and allows you to focus on your workout. They also require less maintenance, making them a great choice for a gym or PT studio with limited space or budgets.