Live Sports Updates on the iPhone

As a sports fan, following live scores and games is essential to stay up-to-date on your favourite teams and their latest performance. The iPhone offers a range of ways for users to do this, including setting up live sports updates on the lock screen and using the TV app or third-party apps for push notifications.

Apple is leaning ค้นพบ into live sports even further with its new Apple Sports app. The app aims to be the fastest and easiest way to get real-time scores and stats for the teams you follow. Apple CEO Eddy Cue claims it will update “faster than TV in most cases,” because many sports events are broadcast with a delay.

The app can display the scores of MLS, NHL, NBA, and NCAA basketball games and baseball. It also supports Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and MX top-flight soccer leagues. In the future, it may support additional sports leagues and tournaments.

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iOS 16 introduced a feature called Live Activities, which allow apps to provide real-time updating information directly on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island. The feature works well with sports scores and, on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, will even display live score notifications when you’re watching a game in the TV app.

Several third-party apps offer live sports scores and stats, and you can enable these in the Settings app. However, be aware that some third-party apps that offer live sports updates require a paid subscription to access the full functionality of the app.