Can-C Eye Drops

buy can-c eye drops have been a very popular product since their launch in November 2001. It is not only used by individuals with cataract but also for a variety of other eye health issues including glaucoma, macular degeneration and floaters. A recent analysis of repurchases in open market programs confirms that there is a credible group of patients who use Can-C for its published therapeutic indications (including treatment of cataracts).

Benefits of Can-C Eye Drops

The eye drops contain N-Acetyl carnosine and glycerin formulated to be stable in the eye. The glycerin acts as both a carrier and as a stabilizing agent to ensure that the carnosine is delivered into the aqueous humor. Once there this bio-identical molecule acts to reduce free radicals, oxidative stress and lens glycosylation.

A single drop is instilled into the eye and is then allowed to sit for 5-10 minutes or more depending on the individual. Then the eye is closed and a wash of cold water is gently applied to wash away the product. Repeat the process as directed by your physician or ophthalmologist.

Although not clinically proven, it is believed that the Can-C formula with glycerin and carnosine will assist in the healing of the damaged corneal cells as well as help prevent further damage from occurring due to the formation of free radicals. The glycerin will also help to relieve dry eyes. Other benefits that have been reported include reduced floaters and enhanced night vision. No serious contraindications have been identified to date, however it is recommended that you check with your ophthalmologist prior to the use of this product if you are currently taking any prescription eye-drop medications.